April 12, 2017


"The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation should be abolished in favor of private sector solutions for protecting the safety of bank deposits."

George Selgin of Cato Institute vs. Josh Barro of Business Insider

March 13, 2017


"A market system for medical care would save more people from suffering inadequate care than any other system."

Michael Cannon of Cato Institute vs.
Jonathan Cohn of The Huffington Post.


February 13, 2017

"U.S. immigration policy should be to issue migration visas, without any numerical limitations, to all applicants who are not on a terrorist watch list, and who do not otherwise have criminal records or contagious diseases."


Benjamin Powell of Texas Tech University
vs. Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies.

January 17, 2017


"Based on his record of accomplishments, Barack Obama has been a great president."

Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine vs. Matt Welch of Reason.


December 12, 2016


"The United States should be prepared to use force in defense of friendly nations even when not subject to the direct threat of force."

Richard Epstein of NYU
vs. Chris Preble of Cato Institute.


November 1, 2016


"Libertarians should vote for Donald Trump in the presidential election."

Walter Block of Loyola University
vs. Nick Gillespie of Reason.



October 17, 2016


"Robots will eventually dominate the world and eliminate human abilities to earn wages."

Robin Hanson of George Mason University
vs. Bryan Caplan of George Mason University.


September 19, 2016


"There is a war on cops that makes everyone less safe."

Heather Mac Donald of Manhattan Institute
vs. Tim Lynch of Cato Institute.

01_September_19th_2016_Voting Results.png